Double You is the ideal space for women to give birth to an idea worth living for. Through our retreats, online community and events our vision is to ignite a creative and business community that expresses the feminine energy at its best.

Having such a limited number of female role models in the business world, often women that reach leadership positions neglect the great virtues that sets them apart as women and adapt themselves to fit the masculine dominated business world. 

A survey of 2000 working women held by the telecommunications firm O2, showed that one in four women act under the belief they should look like their male colleagues to be treated seriously, half hide their true emotions –while a fifth believe they need to act ruthlessly to be respected at work.

This is one of the reasons that still, in 2016, many women feel the business world is not accessible for them and are avoiding it in advance since they think it must mean that if they will take upon themselves leadership positions - they will have to give up on some of their needs, unique virtues and desires, like they witness many of the female business leaders do.

While there are thousands of business books written from the traditional masculine oriented point of view, literature lacks the feminine voice, on how to lead business while being a female, with all of the unique challenges and gifts you have as a woman to offer the business world. 

We are going to write this book.

Crowd sourced by a community of women from all over the world, we will provide more solutions for women in business from the unique perspective the the female voice offers.

This will not only enrich the feminine starving business world, but will also allow more women to fulfill themselves in business while staying loyal to their feminine needs and inherent gifts.

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