About Being a Pro... In Israel  

There is this moment, when completing a project, that you encounter professional disagreements with your colleagues or clients. Your vision directs you in one way, in which you are absolutely confident that you are right. However, your colleagues or clients beg to differ. 

When encountering professional disagreements, what do you do? Do you choose to give up on the small details of your vision, avoiding confrontations and maybe compromising the results? Or do you embody your inner Steve Jobs, follow your own guidelines and risk losing some people along the way? 

Most people do both. They choose their battles carefully. When it's a worthy battle - they go all in. When it's not, they find some kind of middle ground. They give up on part of their vision and are occasionally surprised to realize they don't always have the answers. 

In this video, Arielle Shekel, a graphic designer and a member of the Double You community, shares the transition she went through - from working in New York to working in Tel Aviv. She constantly needs to identify "worthy battles" in which she goes all the way with, and others where she can let her clients take more of a lead and hopefully get in some points. 

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