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Returning to Our Selves

Why did we create our women’s retreat during the Israeli high holidays of Rosh Hashana?

Since the Double You retreat begins on September 22, which is the last day of Rosh Hashana, we received this question from many women, mainly wondering if there was a significant reason behind it. One of our shining Co-Founders Sarah, wanted to put into words the reason behind the decision. 


Debugging "Urgent" VS "Important"

As we are entering our final days of applications to the Double You Retreat, we have many thoughts and feelings about this sense of urgency. A deadline is pressing. Spaces are almost sold out and all of us have been waiting for this moment for a year. And now - when the time has come to make a decision, some ask themselves the million dollar question - what is Urgent Vs. what is Important?

Stephie Knopel, who among many other things, is also an active team member of the Double You collective, has shared her wise experience on how she needed to debug her notion of URGENT and what it took to get to her own version of what's IMPORTANT.

A Labor of Love

Dealing with money has so many implications on our lives and leads to many questions of value and worth. We too were facing similar questions in our most recent retreat in Costa Rica, when trying to find a suitable business model.

We always seem to preach in our retreat about monetizing, the importance of not being afraid of money, believing you are worthy of money, being responsible and finding the right business model. And yet, a few weeks before our last retreat, it looked as though we were going to lose a few thousand dollars. It was the first retreat we did with no sponsors, and we were blind to some of the financial risks it would involve. Click to read more about our journey. 

About Letting Go
And Going Back to the Desert


After building a few projects as part of my entrepreneurial journey, I noticed a pattern: the beginning has a very genuine taste to it. The vision comes from above, the passion comes from within and I cannot wait to get my hands “dirty”, plunging into it and turning the idea into reality. 

Then go you from falling madly deeply in love, to asking yourself 'what's in it for me?'. What is that next step in the process? What happens when your ego gets involved?  

Sun of the Sun

Two weeks ago an amazing woman, called Heila Myara, joined our team. As part of a new team process, Heila was asked 'what she needs the most now', and her answer was: "I need the sun; which means people that charge me with good energy and motivation." Reading about this sun immediately opened up my heart widely and I felt awoken.  Because the truth is that we all need sun. This sun Heila is talking about can come in different forms; it can be an environment, it can be people, it can be music. 

A few weeks ago I experienced such sun at its best. In this video, we share with our way of sharing and spreading our sun. And ensuring a ripple effect. 

Is It OK for an Investor to Hit on You
While You are Pitching Him Your Startup?

No. But are there any other times when it is ok? And who's responsibility is it when it does happen? This is what I talked about with Sharon Ezra, Co Founder of "Quattrocento", an innovative fashion eyewear company that sells 100% made in Italy eyewear at a revolutionary price. This discussion in much deeper than the Sharon's specific case. In this blog post, we talk about Investor's responsibility when receiving a position of power when women entrepreneurs are trying to raise money from of them and what we can do about this. 

Women are already Empowered

Women are already empowered - all we need is a reminder. A reminder that we are not alone, that there is someone who hears us, that we have a dream, that we are valued, that our gentleness, our femininity and our craziness is beautiful. Allowing ourselves to be the woman that is all of that. That is Double You. In this blog post, Sarah Reifschneider talks about the Double You community's first 'give back' project - Double You Closet.

About the "CEO-type"
and Putting Yourself Out there

Have you ever stopped yourself from engaging in a leadership position because you assumed you just don't have what it takes? Shirley Baumer, co founder of STEPS& and a member of the Double You community, assumed that a CEO needs to be someone who feels naturally comfortable speaking on stage and "networking". Luckily, a specific situation pushed her out of her comfort zone and in a position with "CEO" responsibilities. This made her realize that she has her own way of doing things, which, guess what? Works pretty well.

About Being a Pro... In Israel

There is this moment, when completing a project, that you encounter professional disagreements with your colleagues or clients. Your vision directs you in one way, however your colleagues or clients beg to differ. In this video, Arielle Shekel, a graphic designer and a member of the Double You community, shares the transition she went through - from working in New York to working in Tel Aviv.

If You Built It -
You Should Come

"I realized that I can't just expect designers to upload images to my app, first I need to create value for them and then at some point they will trust me and follow." Zivit Katz, founder of Design Matcher, that enables interior designers to find the products the inspiration board they created for their customers is looking for and a member of our community, was sharing with us how the beta phase of her startup engages 1400 designers that are helping each other work instead of competing. 

The Opposite of
Perfectionism Is Progress

"If I'm not the best, than what am I?" This is the question Tal Shavit, nowadays Fellow Associate at McKinsey and a member of our community, while she was failing to perform at her previous job. Titled as a "special advisor to the CEO", this job was her first job in the business sector after many years she was leading in the non profit world, and all she wanted was to continue doing what she knows to do best; kick ass, make everyone obsessed about her performance and just want more out of her. 

From a one (wo)man show
to a Growing Business 

"Life style businesses are great, it's just not what I want." This is what Nili Goldberg, founder of Growthanomics, and a DoubleYou community member said in the beginning of our conversation. 


Owning your self-worth

When asking for a raise, or leading any kind of fundraising process,
we really need to figure out our self-worth and then stand behind it. 



Ask for a raise - nothing can really go wrong.

"Nothing can really go wrong - either you get a raise and that's wonderful, or you learn from the conversation with your boss about the company and about how you can improve - meanwhile you can get other benefits instead" - Iris Shoor, Founder, Oribi



It's time for a raise

Similar to everything Mor Assia does, she looks at the process of asking for a raise
in a totally professional and practical manner and it works. 

Take a look and share with any friend that is preparing to this kind of conversation.


Maybe, and it's my final answer

Fundraising is a very challenging and emotional process, its a lot of relationship building, a lot of rejection, a lot of maybe yes that transform to a concrete no - it's very similar to sales only its harder not to take it personal - in the midst of all of this mess - the more realistic and practical you can be about it - the better.


It's not personal or is it?

"It's great  to be able to go to the fundraising process or the whole entrepreneurial process from a  very emotional, passionate and personal place, but then if you take things very personally it's really hard to go forward" Liat Aaronson, partner at Marker LLC and Chairwoman at the Zell entrepreneurship program


Are you asking for less than you need?

"As women when we are fundraising we always ask for less than we need, because we don't want to get rejected" - Anna Philips, Manager of strategic Partnerships SNC

Whether you are a woman or a man, watch this video and or read this blog and be honest if it describes you.


Negotiation is simple

Listening to Mor Assia, founder of iAngels, share her insights regarding negotiation with investors, I kept thinking: what she says is so simple, so why is it so hard to for me and for so many people to implement?


Start as early as you can.

When it comes to asking for any money, procrasination is the easiest solution.
You can always give yourself an excuse why you will be ready-er than now later.

Hello, my name is Narkis.
A few months ago I realized
that I’m afraid of money.

Although I love money, I realized there are many rules of how to deal with it in the business world, which I didn’t quite understand. And this lack of knowledge, with some fear of something that is unknown, created this feeling of helplessness which led me to avoidance; "let someone else deal with it, I’ll do my thing." I thought to myself