About Letting Go
And Going Back to the Desert


After building a few projects as part of my entrepreneurial journey, I noticed a pattern: the beginning has a very genuine taste to it. The vision comes from above, the passion comes from within and I cannot wait to get my hands “dirty”, plunging into it and turning the idea into reality.

The feeling is similar to falling in love: it’s hard for me to sleep, I lose control on my thoughts and in return, it fuels me with a boost of energy and purpose, to the point where I ask myself ‘why did I ever need so much sleep to begin with?’

When I reach that feeling, I do everything to best serve the project, I devote myself to its success.

Then comes a point in the process, when I suddenly become sober. I start asking “what’s in it for me?”, I set boundaries to my working hours, to make sure I don’t burn out.

The danger here is when this “what’s in it for me” moves from a healthy stand point, to a selfish one.

As entrepreneurs and leaders, we often project the aspirations of our ego on our projects, which can often damage our managerial decisions. We can fail to identify risks, and we prioritize our benefit over our teams’ benefit; which results in an optimization for the SELF, instead of an optimization for the WORLD.  

This is the process that I went through in the creation of the Double You retreat.

Even though it started as an idea in my mind, it was created by a tribe of women. This retreat would have never happened if it wasn’t for this specific tribe of women. Their every touch and taste is imprinted in it. While the retreat is a business built to serve a community, I tried to manage it solo; which kind of contradicted the whole point. I couldn’t let go, I kept saying “mine and mine and only mine” until at a certain point - my body interfered - which forced me to let go.

It happened gradually in a few occasions. The most memorable out of them was before our last retreat in Costa Rica. Our team of four women started already to emerge, which include Sarah Reifschneider (who has been co creating this with me since the first retreat), Heila Myara and Stephanie Knopel. We already fostered a sisterhood among us, and left the practical question of governance on the side to deal with after the retreat. This is called trust.  

Then a few days before the Costa Rica retreat, in the most important days of building everything and on ground preparations, my neck was stuck. And I just couldn’t move. Literally I couldn’t move in my bed or stand up for a few days. So I had many hours to think, while my Double You sisters were nurturing me and supporting me to get back in shape.

While lying there in the bunk bed, seeing how everything is under control while I was out, I thought to myself: what am I doing? What am I fighting about? Not only can I not do this alone, I don’t even want to do it alone. And there it was, a moment of letting go and realizing that Double You is a tribe. Created by the tribe, for the tribe. And so it shall always be.

We created a financial model that supports that, and allows us to share the risk and the prize of the retreat. Our last retreat in Costa Rica, was by no doubt, the best one we ever had.

Today, after cleaning most of the ego aspirations, Double You for me is something I am doing for my health, joy and well being. I know it’s a community worth investing in, because thanks to this community I can celebrate my business successes, I can mourn my failures and I can learn from peers about priceless advice I need in my day to day life.

While we each have our own work in the world- at Double You, we share our work. Although Double You is not a venture that is focused on maximizing profit,  this sharing has given us each so much abundance, that it is just so very priceless.

Living on this planet and creating our offering is so challenging anyways, so why do it alone?

What is that lesson that awaits you? Explore that with us.

On September 22-24 we are going back to the Israeli desert for our 3 day retreat that provides women the ideal environment for ideation, strategic planning and deep celebration of the art of bringing a vision to life.

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