Sun of the Sun

Two weeks ago an amazing woman, called Heila Myara, joined our team.

We just started a new team process, so that each team member participates in a personal growth exercise. In this exercise each team member writes her personal goals for this quarter and what she needs to achieve them. Then, the rest of the team not only holds her accountable to her goals, but is also engaged and makes sure she receives what she needs. 

Heila's answer to the question 'what she needs the most now' was:

"I need the sun; which means people that charge me with good energy and motivation." 

When I read about this sun Heila wrote about, immediately my heart opened up widely and I felt awoken. 

Because the truth is that we all need sun. This sun Heila is talking about can come in different forms; it can be an environment, it can be people, it can be music. And the first question I asked myself after I read it was: when was I this sun for Heila? When wasn't I? And, who and what have been my sun lately? 

A few weeks ago I experienced such sun at its best. 

With the Double You community, we created a retreat for teenage girls who attend the Bialik-Rogozin School in Tel Aviv - some of them, have no legal status in Israel and are from marginalized communities. In the retreat they visualized their future professional selves, identified their fears, visualized their success and celebrated their community. Now, they will be paired with mentors from our community, so they can be supported to pursue their dreams. 

More than everything, this retreat was an exchange of this Sun- an unconditional light and love. You can feel the love from this video. 

It's amazing to see how simple it is, when a group of women show up to serve each other, to support each other and to share with one another. 

And so we decided that from now on - every Double You community formed in our retreats, will engage with a community of girls and spread the Double You Love with them.

This is our model. For every woman signing up for the retreat - there is a girl that will enjoy the same process. This is our way of sharing and spreading our sun. And ensuring a ripple effect.

"Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth: "you owe me". 

Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky." Hafiz. 

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