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What is the DoubleYou Closet?

By joining the Double You community, you are offered to go through an additional experience and joining our 'give forward' project.

Through our Double You Experience, we realized we want to pass the gift of the Double You forward to young women who could not attend a retreat, to think about their dreams and ambitions and how to make these come true.

This project is created together in partnership with a community of young women and the Double You community. After each retreat, the Double You community partners with a group of young women (teenagers, mostly from minority communities) and together we create a day-long immersive experience for them.

As the name indicates this is a closet filled with actual clothing items collected by the women of our community, the clothing’s are tagged with values given by our community that can help young women reach their goals such as: Confidence, friendship, empowerment etc.

We go through an in-depth acceleration process where we first establish a safe space there the women can overcome their fears and what may possibly stop them from pursuing their dreams, we create a supportive community as a support system for following through with what they envision for themselves becoming.

Finally, we dress up as our future selves, take beautiful portraits and walk on the cat-walk of dreams where the women share their “elevator pitch”.

This is a most magical day that allows the seed of hope to be planted in the minds and hearts of these young women. We give practical feed-back and advice on how to pursue our dreams alongside literally dressing up as our future selves. We establish connections for these young women to help them in becoming the best version of themselves.


Are you in charge of an organization that can benefit from Double You Closet?

We work together with one organization at a time, bringing women in our community to pass forward the empowerment they have received from our private retreats and workshops. If you think your organization could be a good fit for our workshops,  contact us.

Among our previous partner organizations:

Bialik Rogozin School - Working with High-school students, mainly refugees, children of foreign workers or have no legal status in Israel

Selina in partnership with the young mothers of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Ach Gadol - A community of former 'lone soldiers' supporting active 'lone soldiers'


do you want to give back?

All Double You closets are sponsored not only by the time and resources of our powerful women at our community, but also by companies and private organizations that believe in the impact the world can get if we invest in women. If you are a leader in a team or company that wants to join our effotrs, contact us here.

Upcoming Events

12.7.19 - Tel Aviv Israel

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