Stephie Knopel

Stephie Knopel, born in Chile and living currently in Tel Aviv, is a passionate feminist and relentless optimist. In 2014 she founded Personal Heroes – a startup that measures people’s positive impact in their surroundings, democratising heroism by making everyday heroes visible to the world and communities.

Her mission in life is putting Kindness as part of the equation of intelligence and reputation, changing the way societies measure people. Before that Stephie was the co-founder at Elaaastic, an innovation lab bringing the 'startup thinking' to big org's. Among the projects she's most proud of is being one of the builders of 'PeaceHub' – an initiative for boosting 2nd track peace talks in Israel Proyecto Propio, -an org. fighting inequality in Chile and the way poverty is being measured. For 12 years she served as a Creative Leader in different ad agencies, in LatAm, Spain and Israel and a guest professor & speaker at IED in Barcelona, in various global conferences fostering innovation and disruption. Her soul is devoted to meritocracy based on positive impact to the world.

Nitzan Cohen Arazi

Nitzan Cohen Arazi is a life long learner, passionate about connecting people, building things, cultures and ice cream. 

Investor turned entrepreneur, Nitzan is the co founder of Jolt, with the mission to bring work and learning closer together. Prior to Jolt, Nitzan was the investment manager at the early stage venture arm of Deutsche Telekom in Tel-Aviv, and Managing Director of “The Junction”, Israel’s first start-up accelerator. During her time at The Junction Nitzan met thousands of entrepreneurs and supported over 70 of them in a 3 months acceleration process, introducing them to investors and advisors from around the world. Nitzan managed Israel's largest Meetup group, screening and training dozens of speakers to provide quality content for the community.  

In 2016, Nitzan was named Forbes 30 under 30.


Alisa Gould-Simon

Alisa Gould-Simon is a journalist-turned-marketing and branding strategist with over 10 years of experience. Prior to working in technology, Alisa covered culture and women's lifestyle for titles including the New York Times, the Guardian and the Wall Street Journal

Alisa was the co-founder and co-CEO of Pose, a mobile social network for fashion which launchd in 2011 and sold to ecommerce company DailyLook in 2015. Since 2014, she has acted as advisor and consultant to MATCHCo, a custom cosmetics company which sold to Shiseido in 2017. Since 2016, she has worked as a consultant to one of Japan's largest fashion businesses, Start Today, helping lead their expansion into the US.

Alisa has trained as a guide with Way of Nature, which leads solo and awareness training in nature, and facilitates Council through a relationship with the Ojai Foundation. In 2015, Alisa founded the flower essence line, Floral Luna, and is currently becoming certified as an herbalist.

Alisa was chosen as '35 under 35' in fashion by Glamour magazine and '30 under 30' by Refinery 29. She is a member of the Los Angeles Global Shapers, a youth hub of the World Economic Forum. Alisa graduated from New York University.