Who is this for? Do I have to be an entrepreneur to join?

Women entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, investors, leading a project at their current job, thinking of changing their professional direction - all of whom share one thing in common – they need TIME to ideate, to grow personally and professionally and want to join a community of inspiring women. 

You don’t have to be a classic entrepreneur for joining us, we are looking for “hungry” women, that are looking to grow an idea while growing themselves.


Who is behind Double You?

Check out our team page for their complete bio's - here.

How many women will participate?

As the retreat tackles some very deep//personal issues, we want to ensure the safety-net and maximum value for all. That means we are aware your time of expression shortens if we have too many participants.

While having experience hosting between 20-100 women in our retreat, we learned that for reaching maximum impact the number needs not to exceed 50 participants.

How do you choose participants?

We will only offer a space for those who can benefit the most out of this process; Our criteria also involved what are YOU bringing to the table. The women who participate are from all industries diverse backgrounds – from women who are currently working for a company, freelancing, taking their first steps in the business world, an entrepreneur at heart or have already built a successful business on their own. Ideas and courage have no age. Don’t ever feel too young, nor too old.

It needs to be the right time for you to take a leap in your life; personally and professionally.

How do I know if it’s my time?

 If you read these lines, watched our videos and you feel excited and have a burning quest inside of you, we encourage you to take the leap and apply!

Will I be able to rest during the retreat?

Resting is subjective. For some it means dancing. For some others it means lying down. We will do both but the most importantly - you will get 3 days to be with YOURSELF and other people that are in the mindset of investing in themselves.


How does the Give Forward work?

For every retreat we do, we have decided to create a mini retreat for girls from low socio-economic backgrounds who, like us, need the support of other women to believe in themselves and work for their greatness. We connect with a community close to ours and develop a community plan that can make an impact in their lives. Some Double Yous say they feel being a mentor is more powerful to the mentor than to the mentee. 

Here is a video from our first Give Forward in Israel

Here is a video from our second Give Forward in Costa Rica

Still here?

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