Narkis Alon  Founder, Double You

Narkis Alon
Founder, Double You


Start as early as you can.


I have a regular reminder on my phone to schedule meetings with some potential sponsors for the double you retreat. I already have a beautifully organized spreadsheet with the name of relevant sponsors and their contact details. 

I find myself snoozing this reminder again and again.

I give my self excuses like; next week I will have more time, or in 2 weeks I will have more marketing materials.

When it comes to asking for money, procrastination is the easiest solution.

You can always give yourself an excuse why later you will be readier to fundraise than now. But as Iris Shoor wisely shares in this video- the best thing to do is actually against your intuition- and it is: To Start As Early As You Can. 

From Elevation Academy's seed round, I remember how challenging it was to be methodological about the fundraising process. Especially when you're someone like me, that is afraid to ask and get a "no"- it is very hard to push yourself to take the necessary steps for completing a round on a daily basis.

When we came to the point in our round of meeting investors on a daily basis we learned so many valuable things about our business from the feedback we received from investors that we wished we would have done it a lot earlier.

Start as early as you can - and like Iris says look at fundraising as a learning process for growing your business.

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