Narkis Alon  Founder, Double You

Narkis Alon
Founder, Double You


It's not personal or is it?



"It's great to be able to go to the fundraising process or the whole entrepreneurial process from a very emotional, passionate and personal place, but than if you take things very personally it's really hard to go forward" - Liat Aaronson, partner at Marker LLC and Chairwoman at the Zell entrepreneurship program

I take things very personally.
I can't even count the times which I've been told I shouldn't take "this" thing or "that" thing personal. Or that I shouldn't be dramatic, or make a big deal out of it, or have or express emotions in general when it comes to business.

 Liat says that emotions are good in certain cases, but in some situations, if you let your emotions take over - you will lose. I agree. But easier said than done.

Usually what happens in these situations for me is that something I'm not satisfied with happens, then an emotion reaches the surface (such as: anger, disappointment, insult, rejection)

From that point on, it usually depends on whether I have time or not.

If I do, I've got two options; either I process the emotion, understand where it's coming from, what is the story behind it and what can I change in my perception in order to change how I feel about it. This is my favorite. This makes me feel like I'm a Buddha. 

Or, I cut the BS and just do something that makes me feel good (listen to music, call someone I love, dance, etc.). This makes me feel like I'm a cool person. 

In case I don't, two other options come up: either I maintain my feeling inside my body till it's over and continue to behave as "normal" - This makes me feel like I'm a mature person

Or I take it out on someone else. This makes me feel like sh**. 

So it seems that if you are an emotional person, what you need the most in order to feel like Buddha is TIME.

But maybe it doesn't have to be like that. I bet if you become really good at it, you learn how to process emotions even in the middle of meetings or intensive situations. 

If you know some Buddhas out there - please make an intro.

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