Narkis Alon  Founder, Double You

Narkis Alon
Founder, Double You


Ask for a raise - nothing can really go wrong.


"Nothing can really go wrong- either you get a raise and that's wonderful, or you learn from the conversation with your boss about the company and about how you can improve- meanwhile you can get other benefits instead" - Iris Shoor, Founder, Oribi

Why are we so afraid of failing? Only because we see the world as linear; yes or no, now or never, my way or the highway.

If we try, only just for a week, to adopt Iris's attitude about taking risks, which basically says: best case we win, worst case we learn from it and win later - we can have such a fascinating life on this planet.

In this case she is talking about asking for a raise- but you can take it to anything you ever wanted in life but were afraid to pursue because you might fail.

So let's go and ask for that raise/ ask this person out for a date/ apply for that job or start that business- worst case we'll learn something.

Courage is awesome.

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See you all on the other side of the moon!