Narkis Alon  Founder, Double You

Narkis Alon
Founder, Double You


Owning your self-worth


When asking for a raise, or leading any kind of fundraising process, we really need to figure out our self-worth and then stand behind it. 

The process of figuring out our self-worth should be mostly analytical- we must use benchmarks to justify our ask. I personally think this step is the easier one. 

The hardest step after that is to negotiate it with our boss/investors while we are confident and not apologizing. This demands a lot of emotional and mental resources. 

In this video Liat Aaronson, partner at Marker LLC and chairwoman of the Zell entrepreneurship program at IDC shares her strategies for doing so. 

Thousands of articles and books were written and will be written about the art of self confidence, for each one something else works. One of the things that work best for me is to get away from distractions, focus on my vision and my big "why" and to surround myself with people that believe in what I do and are also working hard towards achieving a big goal. 

This is what happened this last weekend during the Double You retreat. 

A day after the retreat each one of us went out into the world with more clarity, friends, dreams and confidence. 

This is why Double You was created, to create a platform for people to reconnect to their power. 

Community is the best. Make sure you join one. 

And this is ours:

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