From a one (wo)man show
to a Growing Business

"Life style businesses are great, it's just not what I want."  This is what Nili Goldberg, founder of Growthanomics, and a Double You community member said in the beginning of our conversation. 

Growthanomics is a B2B marketing agency that focuses on customer experiences that sell. Her company works with large clients that want to implement quick and deep changes in their marketing funnel and Nilli's team is working day and night to complete it in what they call: "sprints", fast processes of a few weeks that enable these customers to meet their growth goals. 

While the operations and result of her "sprint" product proven their model, and onboard a lot of talented freelancers to make them happen, Nilli is longing to transform her business into a "factory", a "machine" that works for her and for her clients. Nowadays, most of these processes need to happen manually; customers come mainly because they want to work with Nilli and in every project Nilli is on boarding freelancers and different studios that can fit the job. 

This structure gives her the dynamic ability to control the burn rate of her company and reduces her risk; but it also limits her growth, and is making her business a "life style business"

"A lifestyle business is one that is geared toward supporting the owner’s income and personal requirements rather than maximizing revenue. The goal of a lifestyle business is to create a sustainable and pleasant work/life balance. The business should be lucrative enough to allow the lifestyle the owner desires without having to sacrifice a personal life." 

Sounds fun right? So why would Nili, a mom of 4 children that is doing well want to transform her life style business into a working machine? Machines have more responsibility, bigger stakes in the game and more things can get wrong. But they also have more impact. 

This question is the same one I am asking myself at Double You.

The company holding Double You is called "Mable-You", the meaning of the name is the letter "W" with an "M", symbolizing that our vision is to create products in the long term that address both women and men to make a living and come alive. 

After working for years with business partners, Mable You is the first company that is a 100 percent owned by me, which gives me the freedom to decide what I want to do and how often do I want to do it.

Although in every project inside the company, (such as the "Double You" retreat), I have incredible partners and stake holders, this "solo" structure still allows me to define the pace in which I personally want to dive in. 

Do I want to do these projects in a comfortable pace and live a comfortable life? Or do I want to double down and scale our model? The truth is - I want both. 

Sometimes in our life we have underlying beliefs we are not aware of that limit our success. I lately realized that mine was; as long as I act "small enough" I can still be happy, and the moment I scale- I will become miserable. I'm starting to understand this is not true. I'm miserable if I'm doing something I'm not passionate about, and than scale obviously only makes it worst; because it's more of something I don't like. But in case it is something I am passionate about- I will always choose impact over comfort. 

So why do I say I want both? I want to double down and scale our impact in a way that will still support the life I want to live. If the vision of our business is "initiate people to make a living and come alive" so it shall be done on all the people involved in making it happen, including myself. And while comfort is not on top of my priority list; spending time with the people I love and practicing meditation is. 

Ever since I realized that and allowed place for growth amazing things started happening. I partnered with people on some projects, Hired additional people and I feel growth taking place as it needs to be. 

If you think that in some way unconsciously you are blocking your growth, watch this interview with Nilli. 

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