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accepted to "Double You"! 

Double you is many things but it is first and foremost the gift of time for investing in your growth and in the growth of your business. The purpose of this form is to make sure you make the best use of this time, so please fill it out with great care. Please complete this form in English and make sure to follow the guiding comments.

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Choose Your Room

Most of the retreat is outdoors and we don't get to spend much time at our rooms. Even though, some women want to control their experience as much as they can, and we are happy to help you with that. You have an option to upgrade your stay. All stay options will feel wonderful, it is your choice.   

Communal Sleeping

You will share a room with additional ladies

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Shared Sleeping

You will share a room with another lady

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Private sleeping

you will share a room with... Yourself

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