Who is this for?

We are looking for women who have an idea that is ready for growth.

Whether you are currently working for a company, freelancing or an entrepreneur at heart; Whether you are taking your first steps in the business world, or have already built a successful  business on your own; if you feel that this is the time for you to go the extra mile for developing your idea and yourself, come and join us


What is planned?

We won’t tell you.
Coming to Double You is a leap of faith.

During the retreat, we will arouse the body and soul, combine classic & experimental business methodologies and create a once in a lifetime adventure that will support both your personal and professional growth.

The process

Double You is a very practical process - we invest in our participants' thought process, because we know that right thought, leads to the right actions.  

Here is some data from the last Schusterman Connection Point we held:

79% of participants said the retreat significantly contributed to their personal and professional goals

95% of participants said they were satisfied from the experience

100% said they would attend another gathering. 

Give Back - Double You Closet 

By joining the Double You community, you are offered to go through an additional experience and joining our 'give back' project.

We know that many women around the world could not be able to afford giving themselves this incredible gift of Double You, yet many still need it so much in their lives. We have decided that for every retreat we do, we create a mini retreat for a local community of ladies with similar content and empowerment outcomes. We invite you to join us, inspire girls and get inspired by them.

Stay tuned for more details about 'when, where and how much?' 

The retreat is just the beginning of the magic; the community continues to support you on your journey throughout the year via creative online communication channels.

Our next retreat will take place in Israel September 22-24. Sign up for your early bird application process and we will contact you soon:

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