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"Such a transformative experience. I got to such significant insights. life changing experience. I've never been so motivated and focused as I was the day I got back home. And this is before I mention the beauty and strength of all the stunning women I met in this glorious queendom! Double You is an experience that every women should treat herself to do. "

Noa Maiman - Writer, Film maker and Actress

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"Double You is simply the place to be you. The natural you, the authentic you, just you. At your home, along with a tribe that exemplifies the beauty of contrasts in life- to be successful, you probably failed many times before; by listening to others and giving them your full attention, you become calm and connected to yourself; in order to focus and get to business, you first need to dance your a$$ off and let your animal out. Double You gave me the space to allow myself to surrender to my true aspirations, and reminded me that behind every successful woman there's a tribe of other successful phenomenal women."

Shani Zanescu - Director, Taglit's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center


"Double You was a very empowering experience that was so much more than I expected in some ways and took time to adjust to in others. My initial expectations we not feeling met and I struggled to adjust to the environment. However, encouraged by my Double You sisters to use my voice and speak up, the facilitators were not only massively supportive but saw just how to unlock me and push me in the right way. The end result was life changing, learning tools and being reminded of things I may have already known, was just the beginning. When I decided that "It Was Time", I had no idea that I was being welcomed into such a strong community of like minded women who want to support and collaborate with one another. The possibilities of what can come out from this are endless and exciting and I feel honoured to call this my tribe. So many life lessons came from the retreat for me, as well as practical advise and real time tools that I craved to learn. My outlook only became stronger and my belief in what I can achieve was only strengthened as a result of this amazing experience."

Natasha Cohen - COO for Hire



"Double You allowed me the time and space to bring my next level vision(s) to the table and even begin to make time to think about what's possible. It was so intentionally curated and designed (without pretense!), that every moment felt like something to savor and embody. The team did an amazing job combining ritual, ceremony, connection and action. I felt renewed and empowered upon leaving and look forward to keeping in touch with all the amazing women I met."

Rimma Boshernitsan, Founder + CEO, DIALOGUE


"We think you need business plans and task lists to start a business but really many of the answers we look for are already within us. "Double you" can not only help you connect to incredible women around you, but first and foremost, to yourself.Disconnecting from phones and status- seeing myself without title and recognition was frightening and empowering. I rediscovered my self worth and my abilities stripped of the crutches which I'm used to lean on gave me a new sense of energy and confidence. You owe it to yourself to take the plunge."

Revital Hendler, Founder of AllJobs


"Doubleyou tackles entrepreneurs' souls as well as minds. Not only tools and building blocks, but also finding courage within you to go for it and be what you want to become. Stripped down of our comfort zone- our phones, our fashion statements and most of all our pasts, it’s an opportunity to connect on a neutral, naive playing field. To those around us, and to ourselves. No matter what direct value you gain; incredible friends, focus, or renewed self worth, you will undoubtedly cherish it always."

Daphna Giniger, UK director at IronSource


"During the retreat , I came to the conclusion that Double you is one of the best decisions I made in my life. I believe that women have the power to change the world for better one, and now after double you, I know it will happen."

Hagar Sides -  Israel Ministry of Tourism

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"Double You retreat can double or triple the ability of every woman who attends, by mobilizing her brain, soul and womb--from a dream to an action plan--within 72 hours, and, meet quality life-long friends as professional and personal support network along the way."

Idit Harel, CEO and Founder at Globaloria, facilitated the November 2016 retreat 


"3 days no phone, 3 days 28 new friends, 3 days of me. The Double You retreat brought the focus back on me. I was able to engage in deep conversations, forget about my to do's and just be present. I am very thankful to everyone for reminding me on what genuine love is and how important YOU are in this world."

Virginia, Head of HR at Selina

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"It took me some days to verbalize how thankful I am with Team Double You for following their soul and choosing adventure over perfection. At Double You women are empowered to live their dreams fearlessly. I wish absolutely every woman in this world could experience a tip of Double You. Just a drop of that medicine could cure so much of what stops women from being in touch with their power. This is the perfect moment to quiet the external noises and higher the volume of your inner -purpose driven- questions."

Stephanie Knoppel, founder at Personal Heroes 

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"Double You creates a safe place for focusing on new business ideas along with a group of impressive women, who come to contribute to each other no less than to develop their own projects.Every woman entrepreneur owes herself this precious "me time" in a creative and stimulating environment."

Debby Luzia, Art gallery owner, Art journalist, Art market expert, Lecturer, Author

"Double you came at the perfect TIME for me! I was confused, about myself, my career, my future, and more. But three days with such amazing people, doing such amazing things, truly gave me the TIME and tools I needed to find clarity personally and professionally. I am so much more motivated and target driven now, having been part of such an amazing program gave me that!"

Emily Neilson-Winkler, CEO / Founder - LINK Support & Development.


"I absolutely loved everything we did on Double You, it helped me both personal and professionaly and I recommend each women to take the time and work on herself. Spaces like this can help us become better women and human beings.."

Fernanda Luzzi, Journalist 


"I highly recommend the Double You retreat for every woman! The combination of class time and spirituality was absolutely perfect for empowering me. I felt that for three days I was wrapped with love and abundance. The experience gave me a lot in both spiritual and professional aspects."

 Adi Mayer - Nutrition, herbs and health passionate coach


"Double You is the best gift any business woman could give herself. Double You allows you to grow and transcend any stereotype your environment has falsely led you to believe. Discover the greatness within you with the help, guidance and support of strong, powerful women!"

Clarisse Aoanan, Student and Entrepreneur

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