Women are already empowered   

Women are already empowered - all we need is a reminder.

A reminder that we are not alone, that there is someone who hears us, that we have a dream, that we are valued, that our gentleness, our femininity and our craziness is beautiful.

Allowing ourselves to be the woman that is all of that. That is Double You

Together with the amazing women from the Double You community we created a 'give back' project: a Double You retreat for refugee and immigrant teenage girls in Southern Tel Aviv. 

In the retreat the girls received the TIME and tools to understand what they want to be in their professional lives and how to take the first steps to fulfill their biggest dream.

They REALized the power of their own community to support them in their ambitions: through their personal resources that are in their hands in combination with the efforts of Double You mentors and their network of friends, they embodied their visions and created a plan to make them into REALity.

These young and brave ladies faced and shared their biggest fears and understood their greatest assets and values. Together they became the best version of themselves. 

To get there, it takes a bit of "fake it till you make it", the good classic visualizing of our ideal reality. As part of the  retreat, after conceptualizing their future selves, the girls chose from a clothing store of beautiful items tagged with blessings and values - and "dressed to impress", as their future professional selves, living their dreams.  

The cherry on top was a fashion show in which the girls walked on the runway as their actualized versions of themselves and gave words of advice and empowerment to their fellow students.

"This was one of the best days of my life" a student said to me in the end - and I told her "also for me."

This is Double You Closet. 

A give back project powered by the Double You community.

After each retreat, our community of women entrepreneurs adopts a community of teenage girls and empower them to envision and live up to their biggest dreams. 

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