Is It OK For an Investor To Hit On You
While You Are Pitching Him Your Startup? 


But are there any other times when it is ok? And who's responsibility is it when it does happen? 

This is what I talked about with Sharon Ezra, Co Founder of "Quattrocento", an innovative fashion eyewear company that sells 100% made in Italy eyewear at a revolutionary price. 

Sharon's eyewear is sold in over 70 stores in Europe and are soon coming to Israel. Her company was featured at Vogue, TechCrunch and more and on her first round she raised money from very known and appreciated investors in Israel and in Europe. 

As most companies that reach the phase of scale, the biggest obstacle is money. How can you raise enough money so that you can have supply that fits demand while reducing the risk? 

And so the time came and Sharon had to raise her second round. But this time she had to do it by herself; her business partner lives in Italy, and Sharon wanted to leverage her connection to the Israeli startup industry to close the round. 

She met a lot of investors; most of them were extremely nice; and one of them took "being nice" to a whole other level. 

This discussion is much deeper than the specific case of Sharon. What is the responsibility of investors that are receiving this position of power while women entrepreneurs are trying to raise money out of them?

What can we do about this as women entrepreneurs? As men entrepreneurs? As investors? As human beings? 

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