About the "CEO-type"
and putting yourself out there

Have you ever stopped yourself from engaging in a leadership position because you assumed you just don't have what it takes? 

Assumptions like these are usually a combination between what you assume you are capable of and the kind of person you assume is capable to fulfill the position. 

Although self-awareness and recognition of our capabilities is important, it can also be tricky for a few reasons.

First of all, who said you know what you are capable of? If there is something you've never tried before, how can you know if you have what it takes? 

Secondly, often the image we have in our minds of what a certain leader should look like is different than how they actually look. These assumptions are usually based on what we have been told and the most common examples seen in the media, and not on concrete facts. We all know that there are many examples of silent leaders, even shy ones who have done amazing jobs, and still when we think about a leader, most of us will imagine an extrovert. 

In the business world, the number one leader is the CEO.

What does it take to be a good CEO? Many things. 

Shirley Baumer, co founder of STEPS&, assumed that a CEO needs to be someone who feels naturally comfortable speaking on stage and "networking". Luckily, a specific situation pushed her out of her comfort zone and in a position with "CEO" responsibilities. This made her realize that she has her own way of doing things, which, guess what? Works pretty well. 

Listen to her story and make sure that next time you feel a calling to take the lead, and you're not sure you have what it takes, just give it a try. Find your own way. 

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