Returning to Our Selves

Why did we create our women’s retreat during the Israeli high holidays of Rosh Hashana?

Since the Double You retreat begins on September 22, which is the last day of Rosh Hashana, we received this question from many women, mainly wondering if there was a significant reason behind it. 

At Double You, we do everything with a conscious intention. We believe that choosing yourself in this particular time will require you to make certain sacrifices that might be radically different than what you do every year. We believe that taking the time to define your focus surrounded by supportive and like-minded women is powerful. We believe that now is the perfect time to start living your own hand crafted life.

At this exact time of year a long, long time ago, we can learn a simple leadership lesson from Moses. When he asked for rain to nourish the crops, he acknowledged the power behind what he was asking. He could have asked for rain, but he differentiated between asking for a gentle rainfall to nourish the crops, rather than a heavy rainstorm which might destroy them.This exemplifies how much power is held within our thoughts, words and actions. 

In in our leadership, we can either nourish our dreams, like gentle raindrops that will help our visions grow, or prepare for thunderstorms of our own making, that can destroy all that we have built. We must take responsibility for our power to create the life we wish to live. 

This weekend is the weekend of Shabbat Shuva; “Shuva” means in Hebrew to return, and we believe that the first return is back to ourselves, to remember our personal and collective power and to bring it back to our communities and workplaces.

In the Kabbalistic perspective: “Rosh Hashana and all the holidays that are built into this month are some of the most sophisticated aspects of God’s algorithm. And as it should be, for they are the preparation, the blueprint, the sealing and foundation of life and destiny for each individual and the world. Can we really begin to fathom all that? It is the technology to build a total and complete life.”

This time of the retreat is exactly where the gratitude for life, the pain of past mistakes and failures come perfectly together. It is the Jewish new year and a great opportunity to come to terms with these aspects in us that seem to be contradicting yet need one another to fully be meaningful and understood.

It is the most sincere, alive and rich time for us to go inward and reflect, and start setting up a game plan to fulfill our deepest desires. 

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