Over the years we have seen that ‘her story’ and ‘my story’ are often sources that help us grow.

We love seeing other women succeed because this reflects on the ability of EVERY woman to succeed, too.

However, we see more and more bios that promote women to present themselves from a place of competition and success only, rather than finding our own unique voice evoking a collective effort to make things happen collectively.

This is how Vulnerability Bios was born.

The first of its kind will take place on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 in Tel Aviv.

Applications are currently closed. We invite you to join our waiting list.


We have crafted a day for brave souls, where we will reinvent the way we share ourselves with the world.

Where we can talk honestly about the events that have made and shaped us into strong women, without being ashamed for whom we truly are.

We will hold a day long “Red Tent” activities to activate our wombs and talk our truth in a way that is shareable for the rest of the world.

You will complete this day with a professional head shot and a different kind of bio which will be an authentic reflection of whom you are and what you wish your voice to echo in the world.

Vulnerability Bios is a series of artistic portraits that is calling us to build a world that works for women, Too.

Questions? Contact us at: contact@doubleyou.life 

What to expect


You will be joining a movement that includes a series of bios, extracted from the women in our community - disrupting the way we communicate and present ourselves to the world.

By the end of this day you will have earned a beautiful professional portrait picture and an artistic bio. The process will be facilitated by a dedicated and experienced team and documented by video - all with your consent.  

Most importantly, you will be igniting your sense of aliveness, love and internal fire. Our greatest gift at Double You is the ability to share with one another our true stories; authentic, honest and feminine.


When, where and how much?

On December 19th (save the date), we will gather at 8am and finish by 8pm.

A location in Tel Aviv will be communicated to you a week prior the event.

Delicious food will be served during the day.

As this is the first time we are holding this event, it is open for community members only, and is almost completely subsidized.

We are collecting a commitment fee of 400 nis from participants, you will have the possibility of adding more if you wish.

Important note - We only have space for 24 women to participate.


Who is this for?

This is a beta launch and is first aimed towards existing members of the Double You community.

For our tribe members, we encourage you to ask yourself the following questions:

Are you tired of your bio?

Are you open to experiencing a process of tapping into your unique voice?

Are you ready to be exposed to the power and fire of additional women?

Are you ready for a soft and powerful adventure that will give you a glimpse into parts of your soul?


We are looking forward to meeting the brave souls that will embark on this journey with us. This is the beginning of the expansion of our movement.

Building a world that works for women, Too.

Apply Now

The Double You team.