Rewrite your story

What is THE Vulnerability Bios Workshop?

Vulnerability Bios is a series of artistic portraits and workshop to help you rewrite your story in the past in order to unleash  your future in an authentic and powerful way.

We have crafted a day for brave souls, where we will reinvent the way we share ourselves with the world, beyond the common rules of the default environment which is presenting yourself from a place of pure competition and success that doesn’t allow your unique voice to be heard.

During the guided workshop  we can talk honestly about the events that have made and shaped us into strong women, without being ashamed for whom we truly are.

You will complete this day with a professional head shot and a different kind of bio which will be an authentic reflection of whom you are and what you wish your voice to echo in the world.


Time to come out

Transformation starts from within, however, stories exists to be shared. Unapologetically. In Vulnerability bios we believe that standing up for your own new story with pride and accountability is the first step for a new life that showcases a more authentic and better version of yourself.

Your own plot

What's holding your story?

Through radical empathy and sharing reflections, women discover the wounds and patterns that conduct their narratives. This personal breakthrough helps the participant to recreate their own story by that, letting go of the elements that no longer serve us.


Breaking our own narratives

We are all animals of stories. In order to understand our lives, we create our own narrative that we carry with us through all our time. However, there are moments when we become prisoners of our own story. What if the event that happened in our childhood doesn't have the meaning we gave it?

The first stage of the workshop help women to disrupt their old narratives and make space for a new story to emerge.

Collaborating with Pazit Oz

Pazit Oz is the founder of the leading PhotoTherapy Studio in Israel.  She has photographed thousands of women using her unique methodology with the only mission of  empowering women through her lens making everyday women discover their own amazing selves.

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