If You Built It -
You Should Come

"I realized that I can't just expect designers to upload images to my app, first I need to create value for them and than at some point they will trust me and follow." Zivit Katz, founder of Design Matcher, that enables interior designers to find the products the inspiration board they created for their customers is looking for and a member of our community, was sharing with us how the beta phase of her startup engages 1400 designers that are helping each other work instead of competing. 

Too often when we are building new products we are sure we did our part and now everyone should come to our party and start dancing. But why would anyone dance if there is no music and we are sitting on the side with a sad face? 

In the same way Zivit in the beginning of her way met personally with merchants, business owners and designers, obsessed about creating for them value and leveraging her platform for the benefit of the whole designers community; we are required to be the best users of ourselves; to come to the party we created and make sure it is a good party. 

We can sometimes feel that we lack the confidence it requires, that we want others people to tell us if it works and only than we can buy into it; but we fail to understand that a crucial part of building ANYTHING- is participating in it, engaging in it, and we are the first ones to do it. 

It also goes to inviting people to participate- MANUALLY. I personally believe that if we don't invite our friends and family to check out what we built, how will we invite strangers to do so? I believe that our faith in our product should be so determined that we should really and actually believe it is for the greater good of anyone using it (as long as he or she fits the target audience) because otherwise why have we built it in the first place? 

In Design Matcher's case it is even more fascinating since Zivit is working with her husband; focusing all the risk in her family, it is clear they fully believe in the value of what they are building. 

Watch this episode to learn about Zivit's investment in the community of designers she's building and join our online discussion here. 

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