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  • 1:1 Clearway / Coaching session by Yifat Mechorish
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1:1 Clearway / Coaching session by Yifat Mechorish


I help people who have trouble in significant relationships in their lives to bridge the gap and create a beneficial experience. I do this by listening and working together to close the gap between their dreams and reality, between who they want to be and their reactions, and between the experience of stomach contractions as opposed to sighing a deep breath of relief that enables a choice and the freedom to be you. When you work on relationships, the results are felt in multiple ways. I offer a 1 on 1 Clearway / Coaching session: Do you have an important meeting soon and you want to see results immediately? Or is it a job interview or a a topic you need to present in front of a big audience? People remember their experience talking to you, and less your words. I invite you to choose to be relaxed, precise and conduct a meeting or conversation in a way that will guarantee you to be at your best. Preparation in the Clearway model will allow you to find out: Your goals in the conversation / meeting? Choose what qualities you wish to bring the meeting What can you bring to success in the conversation? What might get in the way or go wrong and how will you react? How will you know that you succeeded in achieving the goal?

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