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"Double You was one of the best experiences of my life to date.It was 3 days where I devoted my self to the process of my work alongside connecting with other women.

The space, program, content, and flow created the perfect product for a self-development process to happen. I felt the energy of love for three days in a row. It was magical."

Operating Partner at Innovation Endeavors


A transformative journey

The DoubleYou Retreat is an invitation for women to join a tribe in which we regularly share, plan, kick a** and support each other as we build the lives we want on our own standards.

The retreat is the "kick off" of this journey.

It takes place in a 3 days immersive experience in which women connect to their professional and personal vision and experience different methodologies, tapping into soul, body and mind, that gives them access to their internal and most powerful resources they need in order to reach their goals.

By the end of this process, you will feel energized, focused, clear, accountable and backed by a tribe. Your tribe.


Rewrite your life story 

A one day workshop where a series of artistic portraits are taken with a guided journey to rewrite your BIO from an angle that is more true to whom you are in the world.

What has made you who you are? What is your unique story? And what are you passionate to create in the world?


Join our pay it forward project

The DoubleYou closet is a program community members lead aimed to pass forward the empowerment we have received in our experiences and help at risk communities of women thrive. We empower women to believe in themselves so they can become what they want to be. We want to appreciate their ideas , follow their paths and get in touch with their inner queen. 


Want to learn more about how we live and breathe our community?

Our circles are groups from our tribe that gather regularly to share, mastermind, set goals and support each other to manifest them. The circles are led by group members and are guided by the same principles and mission 



More than a retreat 

Once you join the tribe  you will be invited to a number of online/offline events that are always carefully thought through and with the special DoubleYou flavor. The events are focused around different topics of expertise of members of our tribe, and can include a professional workshop, an emotional practice or different celebrations where we deepen our relationships with each other.


Are you part of a team or company that wants to invest in their feminine leadership?

If you want to create a safe space for sharing and learning together as a tribe in your organization, we can tailor the Double You experience for your teams. We did it to several organizations across the world, both to women only employees and to men and women. In addition to the modules we have for feminine leadership, we create immersive thought processes in stimulating environments, which gives visionary professionals time and tools to ground abstract visions into concrete actionable steps, clearly stated for measurement. Our participants come away highly motivated and backed with the faith and confidence required from them to manifest their career dreams into reality.

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