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This is an intensive day long workshop where we re-write our stories, with artistic portraits and with an in depth dive into the events that changed and shaped us. This experience can help unleash your future selves in a more authentic, beautiful and powerful way. We believe that allowing ourselves to be REAL is the best way to HEAL. 


We have crafted this day for brave souls, hungry to be themselves openly. This space is where we you can reinvent the way we share ourselves with the world, beyond the common rules and expectations from the default environment, often presenting ourselves from a place of competition and comparison that is counterproductive to success, we are curious to hear YOU, and your unique voice in the world.


During the guided workshop we unveil, write and talk honestly about the events that have made and shaped us into the women we truly are, without being ashamed or masked. We will dance, create and recreate the image we uphold of ourselves in the world. 


You will complete this day with a beautiful and professional head shot and a different kind of bio, which will be a non bullshit Bio, a reflection of whom you are and what you wish your voice to echo in the world.


We are all the heroins of our own play. In order to understand our lives, we create our own narrative that we carry with us through everything. However, there are moments when we become the prisoners to our story. We face everything new with the same point of view, but what if the event that happened in our childhood doesn't have the same meaning we gave it then?


The first stage of the workshop is writing exercises to help women to disrupt their old narratives and make space for a new story to emerge.


Breaking our own narratives



Want to learn more about how we live and breathe our community?

Our circles are groups from our tribe that gather regularly to share, mastermind, set goals and support each other to manifest them. The circles are led by group members and are guided by the same principles and mission 


Through radical empathy and sharing in a structured way women can receive reflections, and often discover the wounds and patterns that conduct their narratives. This personal breakthrough helps the participant to recreate their own story. By letting go of the elements that no longer serve us we car reshape our point of view. 


What's holding your story?


Transformation starts from within, however, stories exist to be shared. Unapologetically. Standing up for your own new story with pride and accountability is the first step for a new life that showcases a more authentic and better version of yourself. Beyond that personal joy of being you In Vulnerability bios we believe that by sharing your story you can save another women who is trapped in hers.


Time to come out


Integrating phototherapy

As part of the workshop women are embodying their new selves in front of the camera.



Make sure you stay tuned for the next vulnerability bio workshop

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