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A letter to Glennon Doyle by Nilli Alon Donner.

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

I heard you speak about your book Untamed with Prof. Brene Brown. I have to tell you that your conversation changed my life. What you said about discovering the real Me, before I was tamed by society, my parents, my teachers, my classmates, resonates so much. As a child I learned that success brings happiness, and I got used to focusing on my mistakes or flaws. In University, and in my career, I pressured myself to do things that weren't right for me but were considered a success. Having the right job, pursuing the right career path.

Recently I started listening to my heart and actually following its direction. I discovered I prefer peace and simplicity over prestige. Spending time with people and not with technology. For the first time in my life, I'm putting time and effort into working on myself. I have weekly sessions of writing therapy, and weekly one on one Zen sessions. I never went to therapy before, and now it feels like I have two therapists. After removing all the clutter, I'm finally finding the real career path for me. The real me.

As a mother I could not identify more with your story about how your daughter wanted you to braid her hair like yours. We are definitely their models. As you asked yourself: "I'm staying in this marriage for my daughter, but would I want this marriage for my daughter?", I was thinking - Would I want my kids to have jobs they don't enjoy, that don't fulfil them? Would I want my kids to do things I approve of, but aren't right for them?

I loved this line Brene and you talked about: "I start being a responsible parent, the minute I stop being an obedient daughter". You reminded me it is our responsibility to do what is right for our children, even if our parents don't approve of it.

You inspired me so much and I'll read your book soon. Thank you for what you do for women on this planet.


Nilli Alon Donner

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